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JET – Jewish Education Through Torah

JET provides a wide variety of classes, programs, small group study opportunities and more to Jews of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge and practice.

Let JET help you make your connection to Judaism more vibrant, meaningful and inspiring.

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JET relies on donations from our generous community to support our operations.

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JET is committed to delivering enjoyable and meaningful classes that enhance our experiences as Jewish adults and families. Our classes focus on accessible Jewish wisdom for Jews of all backgrounds.  Join us for some of our currently running classes below and check out our Classes page to see other classes we regularly offer.

Dive Into Torah

Bible Basics

bible basics

Food and Thought

Burt Gorenstein Wisdom Through Talmud Class

Emunah and Anxiety

emunah and anxiety

Pirkei Avos Insights

Parsha Points


The Chocolate Circle