“Egypt pursued them [the Israelites] and overtook them…all the horse[s] and chariots of Pharaoh”. 

Exodus 14:9

What an intense moment! 

The Israelites were seemingly trapped – caught between Pharaoh’s army and a vast sea!

This was no minor army either; it was the most powerful army in the world…

In the verse describing “all the horses and chariots of Pharoah”, the word “horses” is actually written in the singular form; i.e. “all the horse”.


Rashi explains that all the horses of Egypt were assembled into a united force, sure to inspire intimidation and terror.

Several verses later, in verse 23, we see the same use of the singular “horse” in the Hebrew; i.e. “all Pharoah’s horse”. I discovered a commentary on this, which I believe underscores the key point:

“The horses are all considered by G-d as one horse”, meaning they were as easy for Him to deal with as just one.

Yes, Pharoh’s army was incredibly strong (and probably incredibly scary!)

And yet? G-d is always stronger.

When I was a kid, my Bubby (of blessed memory) would remind me: “If Hashem wants it, a broom can shoot bullets!” (And if He doesn’t, even the most powerful weapon – or army – is powerless). 

G-d can do anything. He can split the sea!

Have you ever faced a situation where you somehow “defied the odds?”

Sometimes, we find ourselves trapped, facing a vast sea, with terror approaching from behind. Disaster seems likely. The statistics are not on our side. 

But guess what? G-d is stronger than well-researched statistics, stronger than powerful armies; stronger than anything

A problem that seems massive to us – like hundreds of army horses – is really nothing compared to G-d. 

No matter what we are facing, we must remember “Ain Od Milvado” – There is nothing but Him. 

Remember that G-d can split the sea for you…and guide you across. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Danielle Altonaga